Medlemskårerna i GUS är Konstkåren, Göta Studentkår och Sahlgrenska University of Gothenburg Student Unions Gothenburg United Student Unions.


Västgöta nation is a cosy nation that has its home in a house from the 17:th century, just We also have three choirs, a theatre group and a sports association!

Ta chansen och hitta något att ta del av under våren. The Academic Society, Kuratorskollegiet and Lund University Student Unions present HÄLSNINGSGILLET -  After Västgöta nation decided to raise the rent, the law students chose to complain to Thus, the student union found it neccessary to look for a new place to be. Student Union. Discussion is open: Why not? – They request the board members are part of Göta, paying fees.

Gota student union

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THS, Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår, has three main objectives: To ensure that everyday life as a KTH student is trouble-free and rewarding, to monitor and improve the quality of education at KTH and to serve as a platform to connect students with business and industry, while offering skill development and professional Vi är en viktig samarbetspart till Högskolan Dalarna för säkerställa att utbildningarna på lärosätet är konkurrenskraftiga och att studenterna är i fokus. Vi ser även till att just din studietid blir så händelserik som möjligt till så billig peng som möjligt! All students are welcome to join and thanks to the support of Göta Student Union Educational Sciences section, there will be some free fika available to make it even more enjoyable. So warmly welcome and also invite fellow students who would like to participate. Göta studentkår, Göteborg, Sweden. 4,704 likes · 7 talking about this · 143 were here.

studenter. Göta student union reception for Science students. 2013 RePe is a part of the big reception for new students arranged by Göta Stu- dent union, your 

Community See All. 9,393 people like this. Student services at Campus Gotland consist of all the support and service you can get outside the actual course/programme you are studying at.

Gota student union

utbildning att vara stolt över | Göta studentkår is a student union representing students from Social Sciences, Educational Sciences, IT, Arts, 

Do you have what it takes to be #1? Inte student / doktorand längre? Bli Götasupporter! Du som inte är student, eller som studerar vid fakultet eller lärosäte som inte representeras av Göta studentkår, kan bli Götasupporter. Som Götasupporter får du tillgång till vissa medlemsrabatter och inträden till medlemsexklusiva event. Student unions and student associations A students’ union is an organisation run by students.

Gota student union

We quality assure, review and improve everything that has to do with your education.
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Gota student union

Engineering Student. Union. Electrical.

For student social  Contact us. If you have questions regarding the nations, Uppsala Student Union, the Pharmaceutical Student Association or Ultuna Student Union, more info can  The Social Sciences Section is a part of Göta Student Union. The Social Sciences Section organizes students at the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of  making international students feel welcome in Uppsala and representing their with Uppsala University, Uppsala Student Union, and Uppsala Municipality.
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Gota student union

GÖTA STUDENTKÅR,857200-4144 - På hittar du , Status, adress mm för GÖTA STUDENTKÅR

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